Battlestar Galactica Models

I recently decided to start making models after watching a ton of cool videos on Tested's YouTube Channel.  Specifically there is a video of some Battlestar Galactica Models with Aaron Douglas.  This past weekend I purchased three models and set out to build them.  They were really fun.  Here are some links to view some timelapse videos:

I also built the Viper MKII, but my phone died during the timelapse.  You can see it unpainted in the other Viper video.

Here is an image of the Cylon Raider painted up.  I took some liberties and made it dark gray/black with a bronze tint because i liked it more menacing like this.

Here is the finished Viper MKVII

Here is the unpainted Viper MKII.  This was fun and challenging as the the landing gear and flaps needed to be assembled.


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