WordPress Autocomplete Search Box on Post Editor

Very often I have been asked to make "next/previous" post buttons from within a WordPress post editor. I figured a super simple slick interface that allows a user to start typing and see a list of posts that they could click on and then jump straight to that post's editor would be nice. Here is a plugin that I have written that you can install on your WordPress site that will enable this type of functionality. It will search through posts of the current post type. For example, you are looking at a regular WP Post and you want to get to another post without going to the "all posts" page, the search box will give you the ability to jump around the current post type. It will work for ANY post type. Download the plugin here: https://github.com/matthewaprice/Post-Editor-Autocomplete-Search-Box Note: I will eventually release this on the WP Plugin Repo. I just want to work out all of the options here before I release something that will need updates often in the beginning. Here is a video of it working on the dashboard and posts. I have tested this with custom post types and it works as well.

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