Updated Admin Post Searching Plugin

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I just want to say that for any of you that use my admin post searching plugin (link), i have updated it to search not only on the post title, but also the post id. I was watching a client look for a post by ID and it him me that i could just add this functionality to the search plugin.

WordPress Autocomplete Search Box on Post Editor

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Very often I have been asked to make “next/previous” post buttons from within a WordPress post editor. I figured a super simple slick interface that allows a user to start typing and see a list of posts that they could click on and then jump straight to that post’s editor would be nice.

How to Link Posts to Pages in WordPress

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So let's say you have a basic storefront set up with WordPress. You might want to have a brand page that details information about that brand. In your store you have multiple categories of products. For example: hats, tee-shirts, mugs, etc. WordPress posts already have the category taxonomy built in (duh). So let's say it would be cool to have a page that is a parent to a set of posts.

Brand X makes hats, and mugs
Brand Y makes tee-shirts and mugs

It would be nice to be able to pull all of the products that Brand X makes onto their page.

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