I am a website developer based in Fort Collins, Colorado. I have been designing and creating websites for over 10 years. I have held a lot of different jobs along the way: Environmental Engineer, IT Engineer, Website Designer, and I was in a touring rock band for 6 years. I really enjoy creating sites that are clean and easy to use. I develop using open source scripts and/or hand code from scratch in HTML, PHP, MySQL, and javascript. I hope that you find the hints/tips that I publish here on this site helpful. These are tips that I have researched and figured out on my own to solve common and rare issues/problems. Please feel free to contact me or comment on any of my posts.

I am currently the VP of Engineering at Community Funded.  We are an online fundraising website for non-profits, oranizations, individual projects, and neighbor in need projects.  We also off enterprise level solutions that allow organizations to embed the technology onto their own websites.

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