Updated Admin Post Searching Plugin

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I just want to say that for any of you that use my admin post searching plugin (link), i have updated it to search not only on the post title, but also the post id. I was watching a client look for a post by ID and it him me that i could just add this functionality to the search plugin.

WordPress Autocomplete Search Box on Post Editor

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Very often I have been asked to make “next/previous” post buttons from within a WordPress post editor. I figured a super simple slick interface that allows a user to start typing and see a list of posts that they could click on and then jump straight to that post’s editor would be nice.

Highlighting Search Terms in Wordpress

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Here is a simple way to highlight your search terms and limit your searches to only posts, not pages. It creates two new template tags for you to use. It uses "" as the html tag. So you can just add a style to in your themes css. I use it on this site. Try searching for "WordPress" and "Javascript Timer"

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