OS X Mountain Lion First Look

Here's a quick overview of my first impressions of OS X Mountain Lion. Notification Center The notification center is great. Really nice to have this built in on an OS level. I booted up mail and within minutes, I was notified of a new piece of mail and I very naturally used the banner notification and clicked through to the email. Safari Safari now finally has the SSL notification IN the URL bar. Putting the lock as a missable icon in the upper right as before was not very helpful. I love the new iCloud tabs. That is going to be very handy as I have a MacPro, MacBook, and iPhone. I also like the dynamically sized tabs. By default, if you have one tab it takes up the entire width of the browser and as you add them, they get smaller. The share button is also quite nice. I really like one click options to do common tasks. The tab browser is DOPE. The full sized previews are really awesome and make identifying tabs super easy. The Dock I was annoyed that Launchpad was put back into my dock. ^_^ But i really like the new subdued dock indicators. They are smaller and more square. Aesthetically, I just like them more. The overall appearance is softer and smoother. Notes As someone who uses these often and I place my notes onto different IMAP accounts, this is nice to have a dedicated app to consolidate them and make them easy to find and update. Messages So you can now adjust your status directly from a tabbed chat window. That is nice to not have to go and find the buddy list to adjust. And you can also adjust your status on per account level from the chat window too. As I find new cool features/updates, I will post them here
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