WP Activate Users 1.2 Released

UPDATED: I have officially stopped development of this plugin. There are just too many scenarios to keep track of. : < I have released the newest version of the WP Activate Users Plugin. It now supports Network (formerly MU) installations of WordPress. you can download it here: http://buddypress.org/community/groups/wp-activate-users/
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  1. John Morgenthaler

    Hello I translated the plugin into Brazilian Portuguese. I would like, if possible, that you include it in your plugin. I just need you to send me the address where I should send the file. Congratulations. John.

    • Matthew Price

      Hi John You can send it to [email protected] Matt

  2. Chestnut

    Hi, I am a Japanese and have just begun using your nice plugin, WP Activate Users. Because of the "&lt;?&quot; instead of &quot;&lt;?php&quot;, the plugin failes to be activated. Thus, I changed all &quot;&lt;?&quot; to &quot;&lt;?php&quot;, and corrected script to translation-ready, and made Japanese Translation I made a zip file called &quot;wp-activate-users-1.2.zip&quot; which is available from my site. Uncompressing the zip file, you will see translation-ready part in wp-activate-users.php, and the new folder of &quot;languages&quot;, which contans Japanese Translation. The zip can be downloaded at: http://staff.blog.bng.net/downloads/wp-activate-users-1.2.zip I hope you will accept this, and include in your next-version plugin. When you want to cite me as a contributor, please use: Name: Chestnut URL: http://staff.blog.bng.net/ Regards, Chestnut

    • Matt Price

      Hi Chestnutt I made this error in the past and in 1.1 i had that fixed. i made the same mistake on some newer additions. i apologize for this. some people over on buddypress noted this error as well. i will make the update within about a week to the "&lt;?&quot; error. i am on the road without access to the wordpress servers right now. i have not made a localized file before (and i don&#039;t speak japanese), so i will review your file and give you credit for it if i include it. thanks for finding/fixing the error Matt

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