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UPDATED: I have officially stopped development of this plugin.
There are just too many scenarios to keep track of. : <
NOTE: There is currently a bug in a Buddypress MU Installs.  It works fine in NON-MU installs of Buddpyress. This plugin is for BuddyPress and BuddyPress MU Installs and allows you to manually activate users who have not activated their account via the email link. This can be used if the email doesn’t get to the user for any reason…ie spam filtering, email host etc. It places a menu in the Users menu in the wp-admin area of your site. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-activate-users/ OR http://buddypress.org/community/groups/wp-activate-users/
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  1. O'Ryan

    This plugin still has some pretty big errors on line 40 There is a curly quote - which should be a regular double quote Then that quote is never closed - need to be line 40 should be rewritten as: $('#signup-welcome p:last-child').css('display', 'none'); Is there any reason there are 3 script blocks one after another, instead of just one? I had to turn this script off because it was breaking to many other things on buddypress. I do like the concept, and your almost there. But these few things have been brought up in the past but never corrected.

    • Matthew Price

      Hi So i have basically stopped developing this plugin. There was a time when i could not keep up with the development for all the scenarios that people would use this plugin for. i.e. buddypress, buddypress/network, network, and wp on its own. I apologize for any inconvenience or stress this may have cause you Matt

  2. Jason

    Hey Matt, It's Wordpress 3.2.1 with Buddypress. I'm looking to use your plugin to get around the fact that users are sporadically getting activation emails.

    • Matthew Price

      Ok thanks I will take a look tonight and get back to you as soon as i can Matt

      • Jason

        Matt - Any luck?

        • Matthew Price

          i apologize for the delay. i am in the midst of a large project and have not had time to visit this. i will try in the next week Matt

  3. Jason

    So I'm getting an error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in wp-activate-users.php on line 160 This is the last line and the closing PHP bracket ?> Any ideas? This is a bitnami stack installation if that helps at all.

    • Matthew Price

      Hi Jason So this is a plugin that i have not been maintaining well. The rapid changing nature of MU/Network has made upkeep kind of hard. What version of WordPress and/or MU/Network are you using? Regards Matt

  4. Nicole

    Hi I can't activate the plugin it gives a fatal error. I am using WordPress Network installation. Thanks

    • admin

      Hi Nicole I will have to make a fresh install of WordPress Network to test again. Thank you for the heads up Matt

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