WP Database Optimizer

Ever wish that you could take some measure to speed up your Wordpress site? Have you created and deleted a lot of posts as well as experimented with plugins? All these deleted entries leave overhead on the database that should be routinely cleared out. This plugin allows you to have your Wordpress tables to be optimized on a schedule. It uses the Wordpress Database Class to do the work, and you can set the number of days in between optimizations. To install this plugin download it here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-database-optimizer/ Then upload it to your plugins directory and activate it via the WP-Admin interface. You will then have a new menu option under the Tools Menu where you can set the number of days in between optimizations. You can also view the last time the database was optimized.
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  4. Trung Nguyen

    I really love this WP plugin because it helped my blog optimizes database and makes it loading faster. Thanks for share.

  5. fethi madan

    Thanks for all. I am using this plugin, Good Job

  6. avalanch

    In this ticket, it appears that the plugin WP Database Optimizer may have triggered the automated monitoring script when it issued 10 OPTIMIZE queries at once. This is totally unnecessary behaviour, and the queries themselves ended up writing several temporary tables in order to perform their work. It's only necessary to run an OPTIMIZE on all of your tables once as another OPTIMIZE shortly afterwards would have any effect, if at all. Fix this please. Thanks.

    • Matthew Price

      Hi I am a bit confused as to what you are referring. if for example you are in some kind of development mode adding and deleting posts all the time, this can create overhead. and even after regular use overhead can be accumulated. and my plugin only optimizes tables that need it. it skips over those that do not. I give the user the option to set the timeframe in between optimizations for the very reason you describe. feel free to set it to once every 30 days...that works, right? I hope this helps, as i do not think there is much to fix. if you can give me a bit more detail, i am all ears and willing to listen/learn. Matt

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  8. Rafael

    Congratulations on the great work! Are you planning to make it compatible with wp 3.3?

    • Matthew Price

      Hi Rafael I have just installed and tested it on a completely fresh install of 3.3 and it works as expected. I have updated the plugin in the WordPress repository to reflect it is comaptible up to 3.3. (i have been using it on my site since 3.3 came out with no issues too) Matt

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